IronCode Gaming releases Pahelika: Secret Legends Android Free Version, a Myst-like First person Adventure

The secret legends are revealed as IronCode releases Free version of
Pahelika: Secret Legends, a Myst like first Person Adventure .
Noida, India, 20 June,2014. IronCode Gaming today announced the release
of free version of Pahelika: Secret Legends, freemium version for
Android, a fantasy adventure game that lets you bring out your inner
adventurer, explore ancient ruins, navigate treacherous terrain, solve
puzzles and quest after the ancient book of magic, Pahelika.

The player begins the game as Sudesh Budkoti, adventurer extraordinaire,
who has just discovered a mysterious chest in his ancestral home. Sudesh
is baffled; he has never seen the chest before! Sudesh tries to unravel
the mystery behind the chest, and in doing so, he stumbles upon an even
bigger mystery…

Inscribing magic scrolls, casting spells, brewing alchemical potions,
repairing ancient machinery, answering philosophical questions, solving
devious puzzles designed to test the brightest minds, this game has it

In his/her quest, the player will embark on an exciting journey across
six different lands, navigating dangerous traps and exploring old ruins,
all the while devising ingenious ways to surmount the obstacles in her

The gameplay is a mix of exploration and puzzle solving. The player
explores a variety of different lands, and is challenged with a wide
variety of puzzles, ranging from the obvious to the clever. Locations on
the world are presented as a series of screens. The player navigates
between locations and interacts with the world by touching/dragging
areas and objects.


Release Date: 20 June, 2014

Platform: Android Universal

Devices: Android mobiles and Tablets

Available from GooglePlay Store:


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