Prepare for a big space jump in Little Galaxy with new content update and brand new free version available now on Android devices (iOS version will follow).

Today, Bitmap Galaxy is releasing major content update for an arcade game Little Galaxy for Android devices, with iOS version to follow.

Little Galaxy was build with no paywalls in mind. Based on the addictive ‘easy to pick up and hard to master’ scheme of jumping from planet to planet, that IGN called “Galactic”, the free version is true to mechanics that players loved and praised.

Little Galaxy introducing brand new Infinity mode. There is no time limit, no darkness to swallow you if you are not quick enough and best of all, there is no catch. It is just you fighting the gravity to achieve the highest score possible.

The Infinity mode is for true space explorers. The higher difficulty will enrich familiar experience found in the Journey mode also included in Little Galaxy.

Both game modes Journey and Infinity have leaderboards and you can share your score on Twitter or Facebook to challenge your friends.

Another new feature in Little Galaxy is in-game Galactic Shop where you can buy diamonds that you also collect in both Journey and Infinity modes and spend them on costumes and accessories for all characters or power-ups to help you reach every corner in the galaxy. The items can be used across all game modes.

You can enjoy space jumping for free in Little Galaxy or without ads in paid version Little Galaxy Premium sold at $0,99 / 0,89€.

Little Galaxy Premium and Little Galaxy both with major content update are now available on Android devices, with iOS version to follow.

About Little Galaxy

In Little Galaxy you control a young explorer trying to find a new home planet. With space jump technology and one touch controls you are jumping from one planet to another collecting stars and facing challenging quests.

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