Pop Art Quiz: Famous Athletes is Now Available for all Android and iOS devices – FREE!!

Deadpan Dodo Art Factory has released today Pop Art Quiz Famous Athletes, a free trivia game, where the aim is to guess the names of the sportsmen in the drawings.

The iOS and Android game presents the portraits of the most famous sportsmen that received a complete makeover to offer a unique gameplay experience: recognizing the athlete in the pop art drawing.

“After POP GUESS World Singers proved very successful, we decided to make another trivia game based on the same idea: simple play action and colorful graphics. So we chose more than 235 sportsmen to challenge our most talented users”, said one of the creators.

The game offers a wide range of the most well-known athletes of football, tennis, soccer, basketball, boxing, swimming, golf. The player has to guess the name with a given set of letters. There is a total of 7 levels in this version, ranging from easy to difficult. There are two tips (athlete’s nationality and sport) and one more help button that allows the user to discover the name.

“When we first came up with the idea of Pop Art Quiz Famous Athletes, we knew it would demand gamers to have a vast cultural knowledge in sports, but the challenge of this game is what sets it apart from other guessing games available: Simple concept and gameplay with deep content. It was with those requirements in mind that we decided to do a game that everyone could enjoy.”, commented CEO at Deadpan Dodo.

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