A Galaxy in Flux: New Features and Content for Galaxy on Fire – Alliances

Subsequent to the successful release of Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances in November 2013, Hamburg-based mobile games studio Deep Silver FISHLABS now looks back on the title’s first weeks on the App Store, while simultaneously giving an outlook on upcoming extensions and improvements. In fact, keeping the constant flow of content updates for Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances up, is one of the most important points on the company’s agenda for the following weeks and months.

In the two months that have passed since the official launch of Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances in late 2013, Deep Silver FISHLABS has not only advanced its new flagship title through a variety of content updates, but also opened a second game server. One of the most striking gameplay novelties came into being when the extensive “The Spoils of War” upgrade hit the App Store on January 14th, 2014 and enabled the players to take over all structures and resources on conquered planets. With immediate effect, this fundamental change in the gameplay mechanics put a stronger emphasis on the PVP aspect of Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances and motivated the opposing alliances to engage in even more hard-fought power struggles.

In turn, significant parts of the current and upcoming denouements are based directly on feedback that Deep Silver FISHLABS has received from the game’s dedicated community. For instance, today’s “Space Travelers” update raises the tech level of all structures from 10 to 20 and depicts the positions and travel routes of the players’ carriers directly on the star map. Furthermore, it will also introduce additional technologies and establish a variety of achievements, whose accomplishment will be rewarded with credits and other in-game goodies.

The hitherto untitled next update, which is scheduled for the end of February, will continue where “Space Travelers” left off and add more depth and value to the game. With the aid of a re-worked tutorial, the entry barrier will be lowered for newbie players, who have not yet familiarized themselves with all mechanisms and processes of the complex multiplayer title. And by means of a so-called heat map, the hot spots of active space battles will be highlighted on the star map, thus showing players which areas to seek out or avoid. In addition, the upcoming update will also introduce completely overhauled 3D models for all structures of each of the three playable species in the game as well as a new event system, which will inform players about temporary events and special deals. And last but not least, the players of GOFA, as the community has nicknamed the title, will ultimately also be able to make use of a manual server selection and create stand-alone game accounts on differing servers.

“Galaxy on Fire – Alliances got off to a great start and thanks to its first-class numbers, the title quickly emerged to become our new top seller,” says Michael Krach, executive producer and head of studio at Deep Silver FISHLABS. “However, we’re well aware of the fact that we can only keep the game successful in the long run if we constantly create new incentives to keep the title’s large number of fans hooked and excited. Therefore, we have put much time and effort into the implementation of features which our fans have repeatedly asked for, such as the depiction of carrier movements on the star map or the ability to take over structures and resources from enemy players. We’re convinced that these improvements will add a whole new level of depth to the title and we’ll keep working on extra content for Galaxy on Fire – Alliances in the future as well.”

Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances can be downloaded from the App Store. The game requires iOS 6 (or newer) and runs on iPhone 4S (or newer), iPad 2 (or newer), iPad mini or iPod touch 5G.

About Galaxy on Fire – Alliances
Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances is the first multiplayer game set in the iconic Galaxy on Fire universe. As such, the title puts its players into the roles of up-and-coming commanders of the Terrans, Nivelians or Vossk. Far beyond the final frontier, in a hazardous yet all the more promising region of space called the Shroud Nebula, these commanders set out to erect strong outposts, harvest invaluable resources and claim highly competitive territories. In order to stand their ground, however, they will have to band together and form powerful alliances that endure and defy even the strongest breaches and most devastating blows.

• The first Mobile Strategy MMO in the Galaxy on Fire™ universe
• A vast star map with more than 200.000 individual planets
• Epic space battles with hundreds of players
• Easy-to-access alliance system with varying coop features
• Global leader boards for individual players as well as multi-national alliances
• Three different alien species known from the previous GOF games
• High-end 3D graphics and state-of-the-art special effects
• Mobile-optimized user interface and intuitive touch controls
• Native resolution support for 4-Inch and 3.5-Inch Retina Displays as well as iPad

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