Castle Raid 2: New Alliances

Stockholm based independent gaming studio Arcticmill announces today the release of the much anticipated sequel to the popular iOS game Castle Raid.

Have you grown weary of the maze of ordinary single player mobile games out there? Wish you had that awesome game you could play by yourself or head 2 head with your friends and family, on the same device?

Do you get that cozy, exciting and pleasantly chilling feeling when you think about orcs and goblins, wise wizards and noble knights; the fascinating world of fantasy?
Are you afraid of dragons? Well are you?..

If you answered yes to these questions you are one of us and we would like to welcome you to the magnificent world of Castle Raid 2.

Set in medieval times, your task is to command an army to raid the enemy’s castle, while at the same time defending your own. Lose yourself in raging head 2 head battles, or take on the bloodthirsty Reavers on the snow covered fields of the Frozen Plains in the epic single player campaign.

Castle Raid 2 New alliances, introduces many new features and heaps of improvements to the Castle Raid concept. We’re giving you two new worlds with tons of new battlegrounds, a new race, many new and upgradeable unit types, trialing challenges, and many other things.

Arcticmill is an indie game studio based in Stockholm, the gaming capital of Sweden. After over a year’s worth of development, this two man show is
now proud to be able to chalk up yet another game on the board, making it the fifth in line.

Castle Raid 2 is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play at $2.99 (universal) at Friday the 13th of December. That’s right, we’re releasing on Friday the 13th.

Checkout the official gameplay trailer:

Find out more about Catle Raid 2 at or try it out for yourself at (iOS) or (Android).

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