Paintball Pro – the iPad’s Ultimate Paintball Experience!

Very Nice Studio proudly announces the launch of Paintball Pro – the iPad’s ultimate tactical paintball experience! Command an elite paintball squad in real-time battles and lead it to glory. Earn cash, gain experience points and win tournaments. Show the paintballing world what you’re made of!

Paintball Pro offers great customization options for your five-member team, including the ability to adjust each team member’s appearance and skill levels. Once you’re comfortable with your squad’s make-up, take it into the combat zone and see what it’s made of. Challenging, adrenaline-packed matches will test your mettle like no other paintball game before. Your path to paintballing greatness won’t be easy, but you’ll be helped by intuitive controls that allow you to draw paths for each team member and tap the enemy to commence hostilities. The controls are easy to master – we’re talking 30 seconds or less – but honing your skills and achieving victory will take time. The question is: are you up to the challenge.

Paintball Pro includes a bevy of awesome features, including:

• Intuitive, easy-to-learn controls
• Fully customizable team, including emblems and player skill levels
• Huge variety of paintball fields – master different terrain and set-ups!
• Challenging tournaments
• Real-time tactical paintballing experience – the first of its kind on iPad!
• Victories earn cash that can be spent on better players
• Each battle increases your team’s experience level

Paintball Pro is the iPad’s only true paintball experience!

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