Microïds Games for All invites the players to build the roman Colosseum in “Monument Builders: Colosseum” on iOS and Android.

The acclaimed “Monument Builders” collection (Time Management games) gets a free version of its 5th volume, dedicated to the roman Colosseum.

The game takes place in the year 72. The construction is about to begin. The Emperor hires Victorius for this task but Antivirus, a senator, jealous of Victorius’ nomination will try to sabotage the construction site. Players will assist Victorius and protect him from the traps set by his rival. Gather the resources (gold, wood, stones…), deliver the key assets for the construction (scaffoldings, cut stones…) protect the site from Antivirus’ traps: this construction is definitely not a cruise.

Each of the 50 levels starts with a list of goals that players have to fulfill within the set time. They have to quickly react according to the situation and organize themselves at best to be as efficient as possible. Clean and rebuild the roads so that the carriages can deliver the goods, get rid of the thieves, barbarians and wild animals who stand in the way, improve the various buildings to produce more materials: it is up to the players to adapt in real time their action. They are not alone, though. Victorius is permanently present on the map to give a helping hand, if needed.

Between each mission, players can read many fun facts about the Colosseum. Those facts are also very helpful when Victorius proposes quiz games in the different levels, giving the players the opportunity to win resources for free. Other historical elements can be unlocked as the players progress in the adventure, such as bonus videos or trailers from older games.

This fifth title of the “Monument Builders” collection takes all the elements that players love in the saga, stressing this time, on the rivalry between the two senators.

Be advised that the game can be entirely finished for free. Bonuses can nevertheless be bought to boost the progression.

” Monument Builders: Colosseum ” is available for free since Febuary 28, 2014 on iOS and android in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
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