Komodo Crunchtime Ultimate Superstars a free 3D aerial runner game released on Android

RIE STUDIOS a vanguard independent game studio, releases new 3D runner title ‘Komodo Crunchtime Ultimate Superstars’ for Android mobile and tablets powered by Unity 4.

RIE STUDIOS released their flagship mobile title, Komodo Crunchtime Ultimate Superstars today for Android devices. The free, arcade-inspired time-based platformer features full 3D graphics, Twitter support for posting scores, accelerometer and touch controls and endless play with infinite dynamic environments.

The studio has attributed the smooth flow of development of the title to the simplicity of the Unity engine and the unwavering support of British trade body UKIE.

The game makes use of the tactile screens and accelerometer in unison creating an unparalleled sense of flight during play. Players also a dramatic tale of growth and friendship as told from the eyes of Nala a young female dragon, caring for her puppy Benji. The game blends fast, aerial platforming with emotional story sequences delivered in a unique episodic format.

Players take the role as one of three cute and quirky characters including Nala the Komodo dragon, Benji the Puppy and fighting-game fan-favourite Skullomania. Skullomania’s inclusion marks a landmark license deal between veteran Japanese developer ARIKA Co Ltd, and RIE STUDIOS of London.

Komodo Crunchtime Ultimate Superstars was developed internally by RIE STUDIOS in Soho, London. An iOS version is currently in development.

The game is available now for free to download on Google Play and is best suited to more powerful Android devices. An iOS version is currently in development.

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