Go with the H2FLOW

Haptix Games Inc today announced the global launch of H2FLOW for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Get WET this summer with the newest water physics puzzler! H2FLOW combines fun water physics and destructible terrain with fast-paced action!

Quick thinking and timing is put to the test as players help guide the flow of water through over 50+ intricate and challenging levels. Save every drop by blasting away terrain with BOMBS, altering water flows with BARRIERS, and creating new BRICK paths for water to follow.

Danger lurks everywhere! Landmines, spinning buzz saws, and electric shock mines are just a handful of enemies trying to stop you from freeing the flow! Survive long enough to collect all the water drops and save the day!

•Fun water physics.
•Destructible environments featuring 3 themed terrains.
•Over 50 action packed levels.
•Multiple puzzle solutions per level.
•Cool player costumes with special abilities.
•Share your replays with the Everyplay community.


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