Makies FabLab: Creative iPad Game Puts Skill Into “Dress-Up”, and Makes Customised Fashion Dolls and Clothing

MakieLab, manufacturers of Makies™ create-your-own dolls, presents Makies FabLab for iPad, the DIY fashion game that enables players to create individualised fashion avatars and unique and stylish clothing and accessories – and even to have their creations Made Real as bespoke real-world toys.

Makies™ are a breath of fresh air in the world of fashion dolls: creative, individualised, and bursting with Can-Do attitude. Makies are all about self-expression, and having the skills to Make Your Own Anything. Why settle for mass produced, when you can make something that’s unique to you? 3D printed on-demand for each and every customer, Makies are a world’s first in the toy industry.

Makies FabLab is a hands-on creative fashion workshop made with fashion-loving folks aged 8-80 in mind. Based gently on real world skills, Makies FabLab allows players to make an ever-growing variety of different clothes and accessories using plants, helpful pets and fantastic machines. With the pattern maker (Little Printer), each player can create and develop one-of-a-kind pattern designs: fill up the Look Book with shots of your handiwork for others to appreciate and share, and see how popular your unique fashion creations can get.

Makies FabLab is free-to-play. A customizable in-game Makie gal models your fashion designs, and you can shape her facial features and choose from eye colours and hair styles. If you really like her, you can order and purchase that exact one-of-a-kind doll, which will ship to your door (globally!) within two weeks of ordering.

And what about having your fashion designs printed onto real-life Makie clothes? Yep! That’s coming in the very near future. And customized accessories, or furniture? As the Makies world expands to include more social, more fashion, more creativity – and it will, the team ships weekly – the technological magic behind Makies also means that all that delicious online production doesn’t just have to stay as pixels, but can be Made Real (all toy safe for kids 3+), too.

Makies FabLab replaces last year’s Makies Doll Factory, a simple dollbuilder app, which went to #1 in UK, Eire for Kids, and remained in the top 3 results for “doll”. Makies FabLab builds upon making dolls to be the beginning of a whole creative world, designed to encourage hands-on making, designing, creating and crafting, both digitally and physically.

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· Free to play. In-game currency can be earned through play, or bought in packs.
· Make hundreds of fashion and accessory items to mix and match.
· Design limitless patterns with multiple colour palettes and graphics packs.
· A digital Makie doll models your fashion, and you can make her into a unique (CE-certified 3+) doll too!
· Coming very soon: Turn your clothing designs into real Makie clothing crafting packs featuring your unique designs!
· Coming very soon: Customize and create your one-of-a-kind Makie doll accessories, ready to 3D print!

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