Superfast & Addictive ‘Word Demon’ On iOS® Challenges Your Skill & Concentration In Ultimate Word Game

independent games developer ‘Mole Mobile’ is proud to announce the worldwide release of their debut title ‘Word Demon’ to the iOS® app store. Available today for the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch® and the Apple iPad® (HD download), ‘Word Demon’ is an incredibly addictive fast-paced word game that challenges you to partake in the ultimate skills- and concentration-test!

‘Word Demon’ begins by displaying a word in the middle of the screen, and your task is to memorize the word before its individual letters are hidden away behind a series of colorful balls underneath. To complete the word challenge you tap on each of the correct balls containing each of the corresponding letters associated with every word before time runs out! While the concept is easy to grasp and the game is easy to play with its intuitive and simple controls, each word challenge quickly becomes harder as you race not only against time, but also have a limited number of available chances to solve each challenge.

Featuring fast-paced addictive gameplay and beautifully rendered cartoon-themed graphics, ‘Word Demon’ is suitable to players of all ages and experience levels.
With its global Game Center implementation & worldwide Leaderboard support, ‘Word Demon’ offers 10 unique ranks from Junior to Legendary, and includes an impressive vocabulary containing thousands of words from the very common to the rare and exotic.

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