Feed Your Word Game Addiction With ‘Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed’

Independent game developer and publisher ‘EnsenaSoft’ is proud to announce the release and availability of their brand new and first of its kind 3D word-game, ‘Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed’. Available on the iOS®, Mac OS™, Google Play™ and Amazon® app store(s), this highly addicting word game has you searching for hidden words in a matrix of scrambled letters.

Featuring a suspenseful supernatural detective mystery theme, ‘Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed’ is a great sequel and follow-up to the highly successful original release. Each puzzle in the game is made up from words that wrap around a 6 sided box with the words going left, right, up or down. Each side of the box has 7×7 letters and there are 24 words to discover in total. Many words wrap around sides and can be in reverse, and large words can even wrap around 3 sides of the cube! With more than 84 English word categories and puzzles that are created from random words from a larger category word list and laid out by a sophisticated random positioning algorithm, you can re-play each puzzle many times without it ever being the same! Many category names come from famous quotes or are based upon famous poems or songs. The FREE download includes 28 puzzles – plenty of content to get you addicted before buying the full version!

Searching for words is not only fun and challenging but can also increase your vocabulary and improve your spelling. You rotate around the cube by touching and then moving your finger around from the initial touch point. Then select a word by simply touching the letter tile at one end of the word and then touching the tile at the opposite end of the word. Simple, intuitive, fun and addicting! Each puzzle can take up to 10-25 minutes to solve, and the game is not only beautiful with its stunning 3D-visuals, but it also includes a neat new point- and star-system designed to keep you focused.

Because ‘Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed’ utilizes the latest video processor technology, it was designed for tablets and newer phones. Any compatible device will give you a great play experience and it looks great on the iPad® mini, iPad® 2, 3 and 4, iPhone® 4 & 5, all Amazon Kindle Fire™(s) and newer Android™ tablets and phones. Minimum requirements on iOS® devices is version 6.0.

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