The Future Of Videogames launches Death Ray Manta for iOS

The Future Of Videogames presents the cult PC arena shooter “Death Ray Manta” for iOS.

Liverpool, England. Birthplace of all The Beatles and all the beatles and home to a house cunningly disguised as a house. So begins another adventure for Robert Fearon and Jeff Murray, defender of videogame justice and typer of things into computers respectively, as they battle to inject all the colours into the world stolen from videogames by most modern videogame making people who we still like but really, use more colours.

A previous cult hit on both Mac and PC, Robert Fearon’s Death Ray Manta is an arena shooter that fuses searing neon graphics, arcade sound effects and a gloriously ecstatic eighties soundtrack that winged its way to an Edge Magazine [8] and a guest appearance at the Eurogamer Expo 2012 where it delighted and blinded the audience in equal measures. Described by Rock Paper Shotgun as “rather beautiful” by The Reticule as “like Geometry Wars times forty”, “Glorious” by Hookshot Inc and “omg seizure” by at least a thousand Steam Greenlight commentators, Death Ray Manta is sure to liven up any party, even more so now it’s playable in the palm of your hand.

Death Ray Manta has been ported and released, with love, by Jeff Murray of Psychic Parrot Games and has already been the recipient of generous user comments and a 4 star review at 148Apps, a 5 star recommendation from iPhoneTiny and more.

Costing 69p or $0.99 or your local equivalent for a limited time only, Death Ray Manta is available to purchase from the App Store right away.

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