Pixels on Toast launches new game Food Run on iOS

Independent game developer Pixels on Toast released iOS game Food Run today. Food Run is a level-based platform game, combining a simple one-touch interface with old school platformer complexity.

With colorful characters based on popular foodstuffs such as strawberries, bananas and popcorn, Food Run is presented using crisp cartoon visuals.

The goal in Food Run is to reach the end of the level, collecting all the foods and stars along the way. As foods are liberated from their floating bubbles, they start following the player, joining the food chain behind. Whilst the foods in the food chain can stomp enemies, they can also be killed, so careful management is required.

Once individual foods have been collected, they are added to the collection of foods that the player can use as their lead food hero. This collection mechanic drives the player to not only complete levels, but to find everything, with some foods being more rare and difficult to find than others.

Kevin Ng, founder of Pixels on Toast and creator of Food Run says, “The idea was to create a game with a really simple one button interface, but to marry that with a complex and fully formed old school platform game engine. By the end of the game, you’ll be surprised by just how intricate and demanding the levels can be. Finding all the foods hidden in the levels is a real challenge.”

Food Run features 40 levels at launch, spread over 4 visually distinct chapters such as “Sunshine Valley” and “Moonbase Stilton”. The game features 5 polka inspired tracks from jazz musician Skip Peck, adding to the quirky flavor of the game.


Universal app
Retina Display and iPhone 5 widescreen support
40 levels of increasingly fiendish enemies and traps spread over 4 game worlds
Sync your game progress between iOS devices using iCloud (iOS 5.0 and later required)
Earn Game Center achievements as you play
Device Requirements:

iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
Requires iOS 4.3 or later
Requires 39.7 MB free space

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