Cap Frenzy Flips into the Apple App Store

GetBonkers and Endemol USA announced today the launch of Cap Frenzy for iOS.

More fun than a tornado in an RV park, this addictive game will have you tapping matching bottle caps that rapidly pop up on and off the game board. Build momentum by completing multiple combos, increase your score by using boosts, add to your bottle cap collection and share your Cap Frenzy scores with your friends on Facebook.

Cap collecting is fun and addictive, so start collecting now to expand your collection. Once you’ve stockpiled your collection, start looking for the rare and limited availability caps. Before you know it, you’ll be the hit of the Cap Frenzy party!

Cap Frenzy contains features that are handier than a pocket on a shirt:

• Frantic Twitch Touching Matching Fun – Tap the matching bottle caps, collect, and beat your best score.
• Bottle Cap Collecting – Collect and unlock hundreds of unique and scarce bottle caps. Show them off to your friends and let them know you’re the Cap Frenzy King!
• Boosts – Trigger Nitro, Joker, Time & Frenzy boosts to improve your scores!
• 2 Difficulty Levels – Try your skill at Easy and Normal gameplay modes.

Cap Frenzy is available for download to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad today. The game is $0.99 but free for a limited time and is developed on iOS by GetBonkers and published by Endemol.

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