WIT Propelled to Number 1 Spot on App Store in New Word and Educational Games Following Addition of iPad Support

What it Takes is a competitive, fun, and educational multiplayer word and number game, where players compete in a series of quick 1 minute rounds to eventually determine who the winner is.

In What it Takes, players compete by earning points for forming words, reaching numerical targets, and solving 7 letter anagrams. To earn maximum points in the word rounds, a player should utilise the word and letter multipliers effectively to produce big scores. The number round scoring system is tiered, so the closer a player gets to the numerical target, the more points they will earn. Earning maximum points in the anagram rounds is simple – solve the anagram faster than your opponent, and you are awarded the points!

“We’re pleased to announce the introduction of iPad support. As a game that’s fun for all ages and has educational elements, we feel that the iPad version will open up new markets, particularly children and families with iPads in their homes. Early indications show that this release is performing extremely well in the App Store.” said Ryan Mulrooney, co-founder of Telepathic Gaming.

Following the initial release on 10th January, WIT has received many rave reviews from players: “Great game! Entertain and educate simultaneously. I love it and found it easy to use and so addicting. Very instructive, helps me train my mind. Great for kids and adults!”

Telepathic Gaming, an independent mobile games development duo, based in Leeds, UK, was formed in early 2011 by two friends; Ryan Mulrooney and Daniel Skinner for the purposes of creating fun and engaging, educational mobile games that would unwittingly help to raise the IQ of the population.

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