GAMEVIL Launches Shooting Defense Game, Colosseum Defense

Leading mobile games publisher and developer announced the release of their latest title, Colosseum Defense, to Google Play today. Colosseum Defense is a third party title developed by COCOSOFT and published by GAMEVIL through their $10M partner fund. The game expands on the Colosseum® franchise and features a defensive point of view, different from its hack-n-slash style predecessors, Colosseum and Colosseum Heroes. Also, unlike previous GAMEVIL titles targeting mid to hardcore gamers, Colosseum Defense provides a more casual shooting defense game that appeals to more of the general audience.

Colosseum Defense is a defense game in which players press to shoot the incoming waves of enemies that threaten the castle. Up to three unique weapons can be equipped at one time and players can select which weapon abilities best fit their play style. When the incoming waves become too difficult to manage, powerful Magic can be used to stun and damage all enemies on the field. Featuring an adaptive game interface, players can control how their game looks by advancing through the levels, upgrading the Castle, unlocking powerful weapons, and changing their avatar.

“We are excited to launch Colosseum Defense to Google Play,” stated Kyu Lee, VP and Head of GAMEVIL USA, “The game offers a more casual game with clear game progression that will have players engaged for hours.”

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