No Waiting, More Playing! PlayScreen launches it’s Instant Opponent Social Game System in Word Carnivale.

Social/mobile game developer PlayScreen, LLC has launched their Instant Opponent technology, in their acclaimed iOS word game, Word Carnivale.

PlayScreen’s Instant Opponent system just launched, enables all Word Carnivale players to start a game and play their turn within seconds, at any time of the day. Using PlayScreen’s Cloud Management Systems, developed over the past two years for PlayScreen Poker and other games, PlayScreen was able to create a system that eliminates the wait-to-play that is a constant complaint in all turn-based social games. Unlike other turn based games, there is no limit to the number of on-going games, players can start as many games as they like.

In Word Carnivale, players are pitted against their friends in a “best of three” contest to form words within the allotted time. Unlike a conventional word-finding game, Word Carnivale replaces boring static blocks with balloons that pop when words are formed, allowing new balloons to float up. Word Carnivale hit the top of the charts for iPhone Educational and Word Games, soon after its launch in December 2012.

“We’ve seen player complaints about waiting for opponents, or waiting for an opponent to take a turn, in Word Carnivale and every other turn-based social game” says William Volk, Chief Creative Officer, PlayScreen. “People want to play immediately, this problem has plagued turn-based games since they first appeared decades ago. Instant Opponent SOLVES this problem for Word Carnivale players. You’ll never have to wait to play again!”

“Two years of experience with our real-time poker game, enabled us to refine our Cloud Management Systems, so our game systems could handle the high demands of the Instant Opponent system” added Sherri Cuono, Chief Technologist, Playscreen. “Instant Opponent can be applied to any turn based game, and with the next app revision to Word Carnivale the speed will improve even more.”

Word Carnivale can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.

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