Unkasoft reinvents social gaming for mobile phones with Numbered

For those players tired of being beaten by words whose very existence is doubtful, we present the game where 2+2 equals 4. Numbered is a game that improves on the existing panorama of turn-based social entertainment and helps to activate our brain via games that provide new challenges and stimuli for our intellect.

Numbered is a social game that enhances our creative, sensory and intellectual skills. The winner is not the one who can add and subtract the best, the key to the game lies in the strategy used on the board and in playing the special cards at just the right moment.

According to the study presented by aDeSe, the Spanish Association of Distributors and Editors of Entertainment Software, the teachers surveyed stated categorically that videogames “favoured” the development of cognitive (87.5%) and psychomotor (80%) skills, as well as personal abilities (64%).

“After more than 8 years experience in the development of video games for mobile devices, Unkasoft has discovered a way to improve and simplify the social gaming experience. That way is called Numbered”, says Juan Antonio Muñoz-Gallego, founding partner of Unkasoft.

Numbered is now freely available for iPad, iPhone and Android, and includes:
– Playing against the friends in your contact list.
– 5 random boards, with 3 types of bonus square.
– 8 bonus cards (undo the last turn, super-block, and antidote, among others)
– Global ranking, with medals available to crown your victories.

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Numbered - Unkasoft Advergaming

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