Solar Swap – A Match 3 Rocket Adventure Game For Kids Makes Its Anticipated Debut

SparkNET today released Solar Swap – A Match 3 Rocket Adventure Game for Kids for iPhone and iPod Touch. Solar Swap is a matching game with a twist that will keep you entertained for hours while also exploring the 8 planets in our Milky Way Galaxy. Your game play depends on ensuring you have enough rocket fuel to continue your exploration into “infinity and beyond!”

You will begin your journey in our solar system and travel all the way – beyond the far reaches of Neptune – into our neighboring galaxies. That is, if you have enough fuel to carry you on this magical journey.

Features of this new game include:
•Swap to match 3 or more in a row to earn enough fuel to launch your rocket
•Earn stellar stars by earning more than enough rocket-launch fuel
•Visit planets, moons, stars, supernovas, and more
•Emergency back-up fuel replenished every hour
•Get unlimited launches and never run out of fuel again

While this may seem easy enough the clock begins ticking faster and faster and before you know it, it’s game over! Try this challenging swap game today to see what all the buzz is about.

Solar Swap is available for free on the App Store and is designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Some screenshots for the app:

Solar Swap

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