KIDS ADVENTURE by FlexyMind is the best newly released learning app for kids on Google Play. If you’re looking for some real adventure for your child, both entertaining and educating, this is the perfect choice at once.

Available for free on the Google Play Kids Adventure presents itself a set of engaging games that let your child discover the world while playing puzzles, hidden object, labyrinth, odd-one-out game. Well, sounds really good, as it means that a kid will be able to develop some foundational skills while playing. Each task helps children to develop thinking and observation skills, discover reading and counting, better understanding of notions, objects, colors and shapes, as well as provide attentiveness, better reactions and decisiveness. All these things are really important for children to shape their future school path.

So, How It Works Actually?

Kids Adventure team provides kids with funny, but yet educational content through beautiful locations, multiple games levels, hands-on interaction, engaging and fun music and virtual rewards. Fluffy kitty will lead the kid through all these adventures providing helpful tips and information on each location and tasks. Children will think they are just playing a game and you get peace of mind. It’s a win-win.

So, Why Would Your Kid Like It?

Animal lovers, and animal lovers-to-be, keep reading. Here’s an app that is the entire Zoo: funny monkeys, parrots, meerkats, penguins, fossas, cats and many other animals. It effectively mixes real information about different locations and animals with engaging play. The odd-one-out game is one of the best we’ve reviewed, with different levels of difficulty, easy-to-see pieces that nicely snap when they correctly attached.

Need to Know Before Installing

But, be aware, the child could become genius very fast with this app. This is the minor issue that should not get in the way of downloading this app. Kids Adventure is already available for you and your child on Google Play for free.

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