Smash the Opposition with ‘Conka’ for iOS

Conka, developed by Think On!, launches today. A 21st century recreation of the beloved British children’s game, Conkers, the game has players ‘Conka the World’ by defeating opponents and exploring different environments including forests, beaches, and snow-covered mountains. Mobile gamers ready for a virtual bout can download Conka for free.

Conka introduces the world of Oblionka, where players compete in a massive tournament to become the Conka Games Master. To win, they’ll need to unlock and conquer all five regions—Arbinka (forest), Glacinka (ice), Plagonka (beach), Sablionka (desert), and Lunonka (space!)—and beat the Champion that rules each region.

Much like the traditional British schoolyard game played with chestnuts, players take turns smashing “Conkas” against each other. To strike, players first tilt the device to align the crosshairs over the opponent’s Conka—followed by quickly tapping the screen when the crosshairs shift to dark green. Skilled players are awarded with critical hits that deal a near fatal blow to the opponent’s health and armour. The long journey to the top also includes special challenges, new (unlockable) characters, hundreds of Conka accessories, and more.

“Conka is a very personal project for me. You could say that it’s a veiled attempt to bring back a time when a round of Conkers defined the day’s winners and losers.” said Sean Maloney, Managing Director at Think On!, the developer of Conka. “Nostalgia aside, Conka is our way of paying homage to a brilliant schoolyard game that (thanks to smartphones) can now be enjoyed by players of all ages, worldwide.”

Key features include:•Conkers reimagined: The damage dealt to each Conka is a combination of character armour, accuracy, and power.
•Loyalty pays: Daily rewards for players who play every day.
•Easy to smash, tough to crack: Daily practice improves aim and yields critical hits. After each battle, players are rated in stars based on performance.
•Challenging boss fights: Each level includes a boss who must be defeated in order to unlock new environments.
•Engrossing story: Motion comics before each new environment make the world of Conka come to life.
•Friendly competition: Includes a multiplayer mode that makes PVP combat (player versus player) easier than knocking on someone’s door on an autumn afternoon.
•No hospital stays: A health timer shows how long a character will take to return to 100 percent health.
•Colourful environments: 5 beautiful worlds to explore and fight for.
•Customised Conkas: Players can personalise characters in a variety of ways with more than 120 accessories including hats, glasses, weapons, and armour.
•Talkative Conkas: More than 70 voices and plenty of attitude!
•Share, Share, Share: Progress & achievements can be shared online via Facebook and Twitter.

Conka is free with in-app purchases. Players can acquire coin packs, attribute boosts (health, power, armour, and accuracy), personal items, and health restores—which are available via the virtual shop. Coins can be earned in game or purchased with real currency.

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