Grind and Run Smash ‘n’ Bash now also available for Android

Following to the successful release of the iOS version, Smash’n’Bash from Headup Games is now also available for Android. The new price for both versions is $1.99/ £1.49/1.79€

Being a Viking chieftain isn’t easy, especially when your beloved dragon boat gets seized by the bank! After all, what is a Viking without a ship – at now of all times, with looting season just around the corner! Help the little Viking chieftain Ingvar to get back to his way of life with hammer and shield and show his adversaries just how angry you can get!

Smash’n’Bash is a compelling runner game in the finest handheld tradition. Bash opponents with an innovative match-color battle system and dodge obstacles. Use your looted gold in the shop to purchase numerous updates and become even stronger. Over the course of your journey, a host of different enemies stand between you and the loot, putting your battle skills to the test. Tackle a multitude of quests to earn bonus gold and success.

• Fun fantasy setting with raging Vikings
• Intuitive gameplay and match-color battle system
• Many upgrades with a strong influence on the dynamics of the game
• Unique enemies on a wide variety of levels
• Original quest system
• Straightforward handheld controls with auto-sidescrolling

Title: Smash ‘n’ Bash
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: $1.99/ £1.49/1.79€
Publisher: Headup Games
Developer: Wynto

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