New iOS/Android Game Offers Thrilling Historical Treasure Hunts for Kids

Wombi Treasures is an application that offers players a chance to go on the ultimate treasure hunt. They will have to navigate the maps, visit the sites, and chip away at the game’s puzzles using the tools at their disposal. Kids ages four and up will have a way to travel the world hunting for hidden artifacts and treasures simply through their iOS or Android devices.

Wombi’s initiative is to get kids “playing to learn,” so what will children take away from Wombi Treasures? This game is fun to play, and it drives at several educational angles. One lesson involves world geography. Players will familiarize themselves with the continents, varying terrains, and an array of maps when hunting for their treasure. Wombi Treasures also builds skills in persistence, thoroughness, and logic. Locating the treasure involves keeping a sharp eye through a telescope gadget, and the use of process of elimination will eventually lead players to the right spot. The game also challenges kids on archaeology and the tools associated with it. With the help of a spade shovel, pickaxe, brush, and more in their tool belts, kids must choose the best ways to dig up the treasure in different environments. Finally, the treasures are a lesson in history as they range from Inca masks to Roman gold coins.

Wombi Treasures dons a familiar sporty raccoon character named Scouty, who appears in other Wombi games. The detailed illustrations take players on a visually exciting, multi-terrain exploration. From snaking rivers and camel-strewn deserts to icy coves, kids will venture around the world through the touchscreens of their application devices.

“Wombi Treasures is a rewarding game for children,” explains application developer Daniel Lodin. “Players have to put on their thinking caps to explore all the right directions, but uncovering the treasure is an exciting, adventurous process with a gratifying outcome.”

Wombi Treasures is available in the App Store and the Google Play store. It can be enjoyed on the iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Android devices with no hidden fees or advertisements.
Price: $1.99

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