Blini Games to publish Blini Kids: Animals, a beautiful app for kids, on iOS, Android & PC

Blini Kids: Animals is a beautiful application for kids from 3 years old, created so they get a better understanding of the animal world in an easy and entertaining way. Every picture in the game is handmade, as if it were an interactive and animated book.

There are two different sections:
•Encyclopedia: Here the kids will learn about the different habitats, what animals live in each of them, what sounds they do as well as interesting facts.
•Minigames: 6 different minigames where kids can use the knowledge acquired and have fun alone or with their parents. Every game has been created with the help of an expert psycologist to help improving the skills of the kid.
Game features:
•Handmade drawings: Every animal and habitat has been created by an experienced artist to make the game as realistic as possible, like an animated book with games for all the family.
•6 Minigames: Puzzle, Cards, Memory, Sounds, Habitats & Logic. Kids can play alone or with parents.
•8 Habitats: Farm, Home, Jungle, Savannah, Desert, River, Forest, Ocean. Discover the more than 35 animals that live there, their voice, what they eat…
•Languages available: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian & Portuguese.
•Amazing original soundtrack created for this game.
•Find the CrAzY ZeBrA!!!!
Blini Games is an indie developer for iOS, Android & PC, created in 2013 by a hardcore group of gaming lovers. They all come from different sides of the business: Publishing & Distribution, Marketing, Production, Design and Development.
Their combined knowledge makes possible the creation of apps and games that the market is demanding, optimizing efforts to its maximum.

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