Earthcore: Shattered Elements brings Card Crafting magic to the Canadian App Store

Independent mobile game developer Tequila Games today launched Earthcore: Shattered Elements, the world’s first ever free-to-play Card Crafting Game exclusively on the Canadian App Store.

Card Crafting adds a revolutionary new dimension to digital card games by making players the designers. Gamers can fuse cards together in order to create hundreds of thousands of brand new cards which opens up a vast amount of strategic gameplay possibilities. The game is available to Canadian players prior to the title’s global rollout in Q1 2015.

The game was presented at several gaming shows around the world earlier this year, receiving a positive reception from both tabletop strategy players and mobile card game fans. Card Crafting enables all of players to construct powerful decks as well as experience a brand new kind of strategic gameplay. Using cards’ special skills, they can boost their damage, call in powerful allies, wreak havoc in their opponent’s ranks, swap out cards or even turn enemies to dust. It’s open season for players to discover powerful skill combos to surprise and crush their opponents.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements also features a wide variety of gameplay innovations that clearly separate it out from other collectible card games. New risk-based gameplay now means that the more powerful the card, the higher its risk value and the more health players lose if their card is defeated in a battle. Players can now gamble their health by playing stronger cards and risking more for ultimate victory! Earthcore’s deep single player campaign is packed full of missions, enabling players to battle fearsome foes and epic bosses whilst uncovering intrigue and dark secrets. Once players have mastered the single player campaign then they can prove their mettle online in epic PvP battles for mastery of the leagues and tournaments.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements will be released in other Western markets in Q1 2015 for iPad and iPhone. After launch, Tequila Games plans to held grand PvP events in multiplayer, expand the single-player story with new chapters, as well as releasing new cards and skills.

More details will be announced in January 2015 on

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