AR-K Point-and-Click Game Arrives on Mobile with Classic Style, Mystery & Humor

Gato Salvaje, a Spanish developer specializing in adventure games, announced today that its 2.5D adventure game, AR-K, has launched for iPhone, iPad, and Android and is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. To celebrate the mobile launch, the first chapter of the four-episode adventure, Gone with the Sphere, will be free for iOS and Android gamers as an introduction to the franchise. The second episode, The Girl Who Wasn’t There, also launched today and is available as a separate purchase for USD $2.99 to fully immerse players into the AR-K adventure with additional features including a sassy narrator who can offer hints-and pointed commentary on the game’s characters.

AR-K comes to mobile platforms to create a classic adventure game experience that can be played on the go or on the couch. The game’s sleek 3D graphics pair with familiar point-and-click 2D navigation for a 2.5D experience that adventure fans can quickly pick up and play. The core appeal of AR-K lies in its attention-grabbing writing and challenging puzzles that create an intriguing world of mystery, humor, and suspense. The game’s story and dialog have been re-vamped by noted comic book writer Greg Rucka, gameplay puzzles have been refined with optional highlights to help identify important objects, and the game’s graphics have been optimized to shine on today’s high-powered mobile devices.

“AR-K brings classic adventure gaming to iOS and Android with mystery, humor, and romance—all wrapped in a modern 3D graphical presentation,” said Fernando Prieto, Managing Director of Gato Salvaje. “We have dedicated ourselves to create a compelling episodic adventure for fans of the genre to enjoy!”

In AR-K, players take on the role of former cop turned journalist Alicia as she struggles to solve the mystery of why she was framed for a theft, what happened in a hazy one-night stand with a mysterious stranger, and what is the secret of the powerful and unearthly Golden Sphere that has appeared in her life. All characters are fully voiced and Alicia is brought to life through the voice talents of Ash Sroka, widely known for her role as Tali Zorah in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

AR-K’s episodic story will be told over four chapters, with the remaining two chapters scheduled to arrive in 2015. Although each chapter builds upon the previous events, they can also be enjoyed individually as complete adventures with approximately four hours of gameplay each.

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