“e: Click, Click, BOOM!” is a one-of-a-kind puzzler

“e: Click, Click, BOOM!” is a one-of-a-kind puzzler, with a unique ‘match-3-in-3D’ gameplay mechanic. It is set inside a universe of “Netizens”, energy-based creatures who are responsible for keeping the Internet working correctly.

Players will unlock characters with awesome powers to beat puzzles, bugs and trolls as they explore humorous worlds such as “Router 66”, “Silicon Valley” and “The Information Superhighway”.

Please feel free to contact Tim at Chroma Studios if you would like any more information at all.
Have a great day!!

Tim and Team Chroma


· App name: “e: Click, Click, BOOM!”
· Platforms: iOS, Android
· Price: FREE with in-app purchases
· Availability: Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, UK beta version available now
· Global release 30th October 2014
· Embargo: 30th October 2014
· Genre: Puzzle, action/arcade, casual


“e: Click, Click, BOOM!” includes these exciting features to blow your mind-brains!

· One-of-a-kind “match-3 in 3D” puzzle mechanics. Spin, tap, win!
· Journey through the Internet and visit ALL the corners of the World Wide Web such as
· “Router 66” and “Silicon Valley”
· Collect and upgrade all 4 Netizens. Combine unique powers to strategically overcome puzzles
· Addictive and refreshing casual puzzle gameplay
· Defeat Internet baddies such as bugs, viruses, worms and trolls tryna mess up your day
· Exciting skill-based challenges mixed up with quick-thinking puzzles
· WOB-WOB! Incredible dubstep soundtrack and spectacular bonus modes and effects!
· Hidden Easter Eggs and jokes
· Join the Facebook discussion to discover the meaning of the mysterious codes
· found throughout the world
· Over 100 puzzles and a range of game modes – more islands soon!
· Such features! Much in jokes! Wow!

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