Can You Uncover The Mysteries & Solve The Murder In Point-And-Click Adventure Series, ‘Amnesia’?

Independent British game developer and publisher ‘Red Rage Gaming’ is proud to announce a visual overhaul and major re-launch of two chapters from their original point-and-click adventure series, ‘Amnesia’.

Originally released in 2011 on iOS® and Android™, the ‘Amnesia’ series currently consist of two unique chapters: Chapter 0, ‘Awake’, is a free to download yet fully playable demo and a prelude to the series’ first full-fledged Chapter 1, ‘Jeffrey’s Mystery’. Both games have just received a major overhaul with updated and improved graphics, in addition to a new simpler and more streamlined GUI, similar to that of other games in the genre such as Secret of Grisly Manor, Lost City and Great Fusion.

Featuring the very best of point-and-click adventuring, the ‘Amnesia’ series takes its players on an unforgettable journey. Chapter 0 begins with players waking up in an estranged office having no memory of what has transpired. To make things worse, it concludes with the discovery of a body of a person with which the player is acquainted – Jeffrey Lamb. In Chapter 1 the story unfolds, and players must navigate their way through rooms solving puzzles along the way. Puzzles become progressively harder as the adventure continues, but thankfully a built-in hint system aids players who are stuck.

Featuring an intriguing story, great graphics, intuitive controls, and plenty of challenging puzzles to solve, the updated and improved chapters of ‘Amnesia’ are well worth a download today!

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