Spooky Locations To Explore & Terrifying Puzzles To Solve In ‘Halloween: Trick Or Treat’ Now Available Across Popular App Stores

Leading developer ‘Casual Arts Mobile’ is proud to announce the worldwide release of ‘Halloween: Trick Or Treat’ to the iOS®, Google Play™ and Amazon™ digital app stores! Previously available and hugely successful on DSiWare™, PC and Mac, this shivering download features spooky locations and terrifying puzzles to solve and explore!

Available as a FREE download utilizing in-app purchases, ‘Halloween: Trick Or Treat’ combines the very best of Hidden Object gaming sprinkled with a healthy dose of immersive and addictive mini-games! Meet Mike-The-Skeleton, Sally-The-Witch, the Nutty Professor and throughout the game collect lots of treats to score valuable points, but beware of getting tricked from time to time! Bump into friendly Ghosts, Wicked Witches, Scary Skulls and Flapping Bats along the way! You even get to explore a Haunted House, and if your luck truly runs out, you get lost in the town sewer! Shock! Horror! Can you discover a way out? Become trapped in, and escape from the Witch’s House in the Pumpkin Forest, and if you’re looking for a truly scary adventure, try the short-cut past the church, through the ‘half alive’ Graveyard and its Creepy Crypt! What wonderful surprises you will discover there, moohahahaha haaaaaaa ….

‘Halloween: Trick Or Treat’ will give you endless hours of fun as you compete against your family and friends for the highest score. With its beautifully scary graphics, addictive gameplay, sugar-coated mini-games and puzzles galore, dare you enter the haunted houses for a feast of Halloween fun and festivities?!?

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