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Girls Want Adventure Games Too: Introducing Cliff Diving Rush On App Store

Cliff Diving Rush is exclusively available on the App Store only. The ultimate game for thrillseekers that is fun for all ages will be offered only for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A true kid friendly game that is full of adventure.

Family fun adventure takes place as Cliff Diving Lily the main character inside the game app Cliff Diving Rush shows off her extreme sports cliff diving jumping expertise. Players have a chance to master Cliff Diving Rush by guiding Cliff Diving Lily on her adventures. Cliff Diving Lily is a cute fancy female girl frog who can collect coins and grab slow-motion power ups to slow down as she maneuvers through obstacle challenges.

Cliff Diving Rush is a very fun game for girls and also suitable for all ages and gender. Not the typical girl game, Cliff Diving Lily is an extreme enthusiast when it comes to thrills and making jumps. A very smart and courageous playmate. An ideal adventure game to help girls gain courage and improve self esteem. A family friendly game that everyone can enjoy and offers limitless awesome entertainment.

Presenting 36 levels of thrilling fun and excitement. Cliff Diving Rush is a free game app. An optional in-app purchase of $1.99 is available as an ads free version. Making Cliff Diving Rush an amazing Holiday gift for girls as the free or paid version.

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