Rhino Rush Stampede: Your little blue friend is back!

Game development studio Xform is proud to announce the iOS and Android release of their latest game ‘Rhino Rush Stampede’. It is a fun 3D action platform game built on Unity 3D technology. Jam-packed with all sorts of hilarious vehicles, sidekicks and fruity power-ups it will keep you entertained for hours.

Play it now on your nearest mobile device for free!

About Rhino Rush Stampede
Out of the way, coming through! Make way for this addictive and fun new adventure in Rhino Rush Stampede! Our little blue friend is back for more! More FRUIT, that is!

Help the little blue Rhino make his way through the dangerous jungle, collecting loads of fruits as you go! Dash through obstacles and pick up amazing power-ups that help you in your wild stampede!

• Fun platform action for all ages
• An entire jungle world for you to explore
• Hilarious sidekicks such as a flying DRAGON, pink HIPPO and even a real T-REX to crush everything in your path!
• The mysterious Shaman will help you by brewing special power-ups
• And of course there’s a collection of silly hats to try on!

• Bright and cartoony 3d animation
• Try to achieve that Best Run and beat your friends
• Surprising vehicles to try out and crash
• Upgrade your equipment to give you that extra edge
• Buy boosts that hurdle you deeper into the jungle

And remember:
Keep an eye out for those SUPER HOT CHILI PEPPERS!

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