Ultimate Trivia: Impossible Video Game Trivia

The latest, top-rated trivia, designed by gamers for gamers, is now out in the iOS app store. Ultimate Trivia: Impossible Video Game Trivia, with just under 50 reviews averaging a 4.5 rating, has hands down the most complete list of questions covering all eras and types of video games from the Intellivision to modern consoles and everything in between. With over 100 free questions and two add on packs, try you hand today at the best gamer trivia app ever.

One reviewer said, “This is one fun game…if you really think you are a video game expert get this an put yourself to the test…fun yet challenging.”

Ultimate Trivia: Impossible Video Game Trivia features a first of its kind, Who’s Who in Gaming add-on pack, that pays tribute to the people who make the games we play a reality. So go ahead and test your knowledge to see if you have what it takes to be a gaming wizard.

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