Magmar or Electabuzz and special Pokémon Trading Card Game sample pack now available at all GAME UK stores

Starting today, and for a limited time only, Pokémon fans can head down to GAME UK for some Easter holiday treats. Pokémon video game players will receive a special Pokémon character, Magmar for Pokémon X or Electabuzz for Pokémon Y.

Both seasoned Pokémon Trainers and newcomers to the games will enjoy playing with Electabuzz and Magmar, who appeared in the very first Pokémon video games, Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version.

Battling, trading, and collecting have always been at the heart of the Pokémon experience, so fans will appreciate the special bonus items that come with this distribution: Electabuzz is holding an Electirizer, and Magmar is holding a Magmarizer. When traded holding these items, Electabuzz will evolve into Electivire, and Magmar will evolve into Magmortar.

All players need to do is ask at the till for their unique redeemable code, which will be printed on cash receipts upon request.

Pokémon Trading Card Game fans can also get in on the action with a free Pokémon Trading Card Game special sample pack available in store and while stocks last. All packs include a covetable foil Pikachu card, plus one additional card from the Pokémon TCG: XY expansion.

No purchase is necessary in order to obtain either Easter treat!

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