The Order of Souls latest update featured on the US and Canadian App Store

Officially released on the Apple App Store on July 24th, The Order of Souls is Silver Dice Games’ new title, a classic RPG for core gamers developed by three AAA vets from Ubisoft and Eidos. With The Order of Souls, Silver Dice Games aims to bring an authentic RPG experience to passionate RPG lovers by combining an enthralling story with animated graphics and deep turn-based combat.

“I hope that every single free-to-play RPG designer takes a look at Order of Souls from here on out, because it shows how to make a simplified RPG without dumbing it down.” -Gamezebo, 4/5 stars

“Throughout the course of the game players can expect a surprising amount of interactive story elements”-148 Apps

What’s new?
· “The Missing Children” final chapter is here! It’s time to discover who is behind the kidnapping.
· Three new hardcore “epic boss” missions with valuable rewards.
· A new season of PVP combat!

Choose your own adventure
Players join the world of Leth during the age of flying shuttles and plasma powered weapons. The city-kingdom of New Laydon has been rebuilt on top of itself a thousand times, and no one really knows what dangers lurk in the deepest layers of the city. You are part of the Order of Souls, an ancient organization devoted to protecting the King while searching for the key to understanding human souls. But what starts as a simple investigation of missing children at the realm’s eastern border will lead you and your team into events of unprecedented proportions….

Manage your team
Select your heroes from the four base archetypes and bind them with one of 90+ souls to unleash new powers. Sequence Soul Stones (ancient artifacts from a now vanished civilization) and fuse souls together to power up your champions and unlock new abilities from eight sub-classes. Research and craft new equipment in the forge, tweak your tactics and rush into battle to overcome PvE challenges and PvP opponents.

Discover “The missing Children” final chapter and a new PvP season
Face teams of other players and move up the ladder to earn fabulous rewards, including unique souls only available to PvP champions!

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