Since the fans clamored to have their Survival Mode, Adam Sawkins and the crew at ProjectorGames have been hard at work crafting an addictive and immersive Survival Experience. If you have not tried the Survival Mode yet, this update provides plenty of reasons to play.

Gamers are in for a major update with a host of new features which you can see in action in the latest gameplay trailer. These new features allow more customization, more equipment upgrades and the ability to fine tune and automate processes with improved interfaces that enhance the experience.

When players are stranded and fighting against the harsh temperatures of a hostile planet, these new features will help ensure their survival. Also new to this update is the first addition of base defense mechanisms, the Pop-up Turret. These defenses will continue to play a big role as the Survival Mode evolves into its full form where players must build a fortress and defend it against hostile native inhabitants.

Updated Features Include:
•Conveyor Belts and Filters that allow players to create a fully-automated base
•Research Station where players scan their surroundings to unlock crafting recipes
•Craftable Upgrades for Ore Extractors and Ore Smelters
•Craftable Upgrades for the ARTHER pet and the Player Suit
•Vein Scanner and Ore Ping allow players to search for necessary resources
•Improved Crafting Interface
•New Textures for most machines
•Added the first of the base defenses – the Popup Turret!
We urge players to get lost in the challenge of surviving in an alien world! Armed with their cunning, a life sustaining suit and the tools to uncover precious resources, players can share their discoveries and contraptions with the rest of the community on Steam.

Available for PC now on Early Access with very early Mac and Linux versions to test out as well.

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