Next Car Game: New update released!

If you haven’t fired up Next Car Game for a while, now it’s definitely the time: We’re proud to let you know that the latest update for Next Car Game is available on Steam! The definite highlights of the update include the brand new Figure 8 derby race event and the classic American Sedan car, but that’s certainly not all! The update also contains major new features like varying weathers for events and a variety of upgrade parts for all cars. There’s also a hefty amount of other improvements and bug fixes.

The latest update also included a new cinematic camera, designed for taking snazzy screenshots of the game. Our creative community members have already been busy, embracing the new feature to capture the best of our game. To be honest, they’re doing a much better job than us! To see a selection of their amazing work as well as read what’s been going on at our studio this week, read our latest weekly report on our blog.

You should have received the update automatically, but in case your game is not being updated, please log out of Steam and back in to start the update process.

Next Car Game is currently available on STEAM and at NEXTCARGAME.COM!

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