Cow Beam – Alien Evolution is now freely available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store.

About Cow Beam – Alien Evolution
Cowbeam can best be described as a singleplayer “Who is it?” with planets instead of faces. You need to gather hints that point you towards the right planet where a cow resides. These hints range from the planet’s color to its size, and from the planets vegetation to the amount of moons orbiting around the planet.

Finding the cow is not all that matters, you’ll also want to find stars, hidden within the solar systems. These are used to unlock new levels and upgrades, preparing you for the more difficult levels ahead.

The cows you find are stored in canisters and become a colorful collection. There are even some very special cows to be found throughout these galaxies.

Cow Beam features:
★ Uniquely clever casual puzzle gameplay
★ Nearly 5 million unique cows to find
★ 14 upgrades to unlock
★ Over 50 levels spread across 9 unique galaxies
★ Beautiful crisp HD graphics

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