El Pinguino Run now available on Windows Phone 8 and Google Play!

In one night all avocados disapeared !!! Without this crucial ingredient, no more guacamol, tacos or burritos… All Mexico is in pain !!! Only one man can help then : El Pinguino ! The legendary and lonely bounty hunter…

To succeed, El Pinguino must run as far and as long as possible, across the country. You must help him avoiding ennemies or traps by quickly touching the right part of your screen !

As you progress, in return of some of your tacos, give El Pinguino boosting powers. Do it well, and you’ll unlock some of bonus game which can make you win many gifts ! For even more fun, choose for him and evil hamsters the right wardrobe !

Hurry up! In this race against the clock, there is no time to stroll. People are hungry !

– 3 Worlds, 30 levels
– Challenging game
– Fun, colorful graphics in mexican universe
– intuitive controls
– Some superpowers, items and skins to add more fun
– Bad guys, traps and obstacles
– Puzzle achievements to unlock (with a special gift at the end)
– And it’s FREE ! (but it contains items that can be purchased with real money.)

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