Deadly Cute Zombies Have Arrived on Windows Phone and Windows 8

Deadlings features 100 levels, 4 types of zombies, tricks, traps, and puzzles

Being the Grim Reaper is difficult when you’re not so grim. Fortunately, Death made his own friends, and they are coming out to play today on Windows Phone and Windows 8

In Deadlings, players guide Death’s legion of zombie minions through mazes, puzzles, and death-defying traps, training them for his eventual conquest of the world. Wait, forget we said that…

As the Deadlings learn, the mazes of Death’s lab become more and more difficult, while new zombies like Bonesack, Creep, Lazybrain, and the smelly Stencher provide new ways to pass the tricks, traps, and puzzles.

Deadlings provides over 100 levels of mazes with the cutest zombies ever created for those who wish to assist Death in his plans for global domin…excellent zombie tea parties.

Deadlings will arrive on iOS and Android in early March and on Steam in the second half of March.

Deadlings for Windows Phone is available here:

Deadlings for Windows 8 is available on the App Store here:

For more information on Deadlings visit:

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