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Winner of BAFTA’s Young Game Designer’s Award and BAFTA Breakthrough Brit, developer Dan Pearce and indie publisher Mastertronic are thrilled to announce the fiendishly challenging 10 Second Ninja is out now on PC and Mac!

Ninjas are awesome beings. A good ninja moves swiftly and elegantly and perfects their double-jumps effortlessly and graciously in the face of oncoming danger. However just being awesome is not enough when you must do it all faultlessly in less than 10 seconds!

10 Second Ninja is a blisteringly fast 2D action puzzle game. You are the world’s first ninja and you are awesome. Nazi robots from space are trying to take over the world and you are tasked with eliminating the menacing mechanical enemies in 10 seconds or less. If you fail you have to start again. No big deal but the fate of the world lies in your hands. With Robot Hitler out to get you the pressure is on!

Blitz through 4 worlds and 40 levels using your wits and agility whilst trying to bag all 120 stars in the process. Your ultimate goal is to achieve the coveted three-star rating in each level and top the global leaderboards. Oh, and to save the world from these dastardly doppelgängers.

Ten seconds. That’s all you need. Enough time to save the entire world from robot Nazis. And develop your platforming skills whilst throwing random shapes with shurikens, for added drama. Because you are a ninja and ninjas are awesome.

Dan Pearce, GameDesignDan says , ‘I’m really excited to finally get this game out, and also extremely nervous. This game taught me how to make games, so it’s kind of scary to have it out there in the open. I sincerely hope that people enjoy playing it and talking about it, and it’s going to be super cool to be able to talk to players about their experiences with it.’

Andy Payne, CEO of Mastertronic added, ‘Working with Dan has been an absolute pleasure and an honour. Dan’s talent is a rare thing and he knows exactly the games he wants to make. 10 Second Ninja is a brilliant piece of games design destined to be a classic. We are really not worthy.’

10 Second Ninja is out now on Steam and Get Games.

For more information about 10 Second Ninja check out the website: www.10SecondNinja.com or find us on Twitter and Facebook:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/MastertronicGames

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