Party game ABRACA smashes up fairy tales

Sophisticated French transmedia masters Ankama today announced the launch of ABRACA, the multiplayer fairy tale arena smackdown out now via Steam for PC and Mac priced $14.99. Featuring Ankama’s proprietary Couch Tech™ local multiplayer gameplay, optimized for four players on a well-upholstered sofa of their choice, ABRACA shakes up the sugar-sweet fairy tale tropes of childhood for something much more invigorating.

In this bedtime story, furry friends become foul enemies, and Prince Charming just needs a good kick. In other news, Hansel and Gretel have put on a bit of weight, the Snow Queen is bringing along a large furry friend, Little Red Riding Hood is dishing out the punishment, and the big Bad Wolf is learning how to take that punishment. Sweet dreams are OUT. Four friends jostling elbows in front of the TV’s mystical glow is IN.

Furious fun from the very first smackdown, but with heaps of devilish nuance to keep the gamer in you satisfied, ABRACA is a multiplayer platform party kick-around where loyalty, honor, and friendship mean nothing. In the land of Imagi, it’s the cunning and heartless who take home all the magic beans.

Dive into the game head first here:

The game launch is the first phase of Ankama’s ABRACA franchise transmedia takeover, with an animated TV series currently in the works and scheduled to debut in 2017.

About This Game
Once upon a time in the World of Imagi…

Imagi is the country where fairy tale characters live, with its bad guys and damsels in distress. So much so that becoming prince charming is a treacherous path where the gloves really come off! Two, three or four players all pretend to be princes who must survive a series of challenges, the goal being to… make the others fail! The competition will be tough, but very funny!

The Great Romantic Games of Imagi are ready to start! The first competitors are making their entrance: the regular Prince Charming and his dear Princess Abraca, Hansel and Gretel (the two enormous kids) and several colorful creatures are waiting to jump into the battle. And there are even more champions to this roster: Don Quichotte, a masochist BBW (Big Bad Wolf) followed by the nasty Red Hood. Turn up the heat, because the Snow Queen is coming from the north and she’s bringing a big furry beast with her!

But dreams of friendly jousts between high-born nobles will collapse when faced with the reality of extreme fights against monsters and falling endlessly into traps and pits everywhere! Loyalty, bravery, honour – forget them all! Their fiercest opponents will be each other, for only the most cunning competitors can win this free-for-all dungeon race!

– FAIRY TALES from your childhood… in a WHACKY version: : Castles, dragons, princes, mermaids, witches and magical beans that will awaken you inner child and allow you to, at last, remove the stupid smile from the face of those cheesy heroes…

– At last, a real PARTY GAME… FOR GAMERS: Easy and fun to play, hard to master. Competitive free-for-all furious gameplay, where three of you monsters can face against one prince, or stand in the princesses’ slippers in a ready-to-rumble mode.

– HOURS OF RUN AND FIGHT: offline local multiplayer of up to 4 players only;5 environments, 2 multiplayer modes, 3 solo Challenge/Scoring modes, surprises to unlock and megabosses (inspired by your deepest nightmares.) All of this will grant you ample opportunities to laugh and boo your couch-neighbour!

– PRINCE CHARMING or BEAST? Both, my dear. As one of the 5 princes (each with their unique powers), you must complete each stage as fast as possible, while your 3 monster opponents activate traps and defenses to slow you down and make you fall. You can also play a princess, fighting against 3 of your “best friends” in an arena to give a life bonus to your prince for the next stage. The power of love…

Be careful, ABRACA is a controller-exclusive game, you will need 1 controller per player. Make sure you own such devices before you purchase the game. The game can only be played in offline local multiplayer mode of up to 4 players.