Centauri Sector – Update 0.22 released, Mac version and Winter Sale!

LW Games’s lonewolf developer George Neguceanu today released the 0.22 Update for Centauri Sector, a tactical, space combat game that combines several gameplay elements effectively to create an addicting game. Released as Early Access, the game can be bought from the official site http://lw-games.com and on Indiegamestand.com, 50% off this December.

Update 0.22 brings the first Mac version, a new mechanic where you can retreat from certain battles if things get too tough, two new missions including the final mission of the first solar system, improved help, extra module slots for flagships and more! Update notes here: http://lw-games.com/blog/update-0-22-mac-version-and-winter-sale

About Centauri Sector:
In Centauri Sector you assume the role of a fleet commander, starting out with a basic corvette class ship, tasked with defending the Centauri System from constant space pirate attacks. For each mission you complete you receive prestige and acquire new ships and equipment.

– Pilot your flag ship in a top down 2d combat.
– While in combat manage your shields, power, weapons capacitor and more.
– Engage in advanced tactical combat by forming your own fleet and issuing commands to destroy your enemies.
– Gain new active and passive skills and bonuses by climbing through the ranks.
– Equip your ships with a wide variety of modules and guns.
– Engage in a dynamic conflict powered by a turn based dynamic campaign that doesn’t always plays the same.

Check out the latest gameplay trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Quw8LvSUgaE

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