The Spatials version 2.3 has been released

Version 2.3 alpha of The Spatials is ready for download! New campaign missions, new bounty missions, officer vitals and sickness, new management tools for resources and production, new mission rewards with quality and difficulty levels. Check our game guide for the full listing of changes and new features. We are approaching our final stable version and on track for a Steam release in early 2015.

The Spatials is a futuristic space sim with a double personality: a space station sim and and a light action RPG. Build a space station, attract visitors from all over the galaxy, and sell them the products you manufacture. And where are you going to find the resources to build everything? By exploring hundreds of planets! Some aliens, pirates and/or robots may take issue about your reckless plundering but hey, you got some good arguments on your side, like high explosives and large caliber weapons.

You can find more information at, with screenshots, our blog and our roadmap, and in our latest trailer / gameplay video. Early access is also available for a reduced price of USD 8.99, for PC and Mac. Once the final version is ready we will also publish an iPad version.

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