VR Strategy game Salvaged released to Steam Early Access (Video)

How many games tell you to “be the commander”, but simply cast you as some sort of omnipresent god? Salvaged stands apart from these games in one key aspect: in Salvaged you are the commander. Whether in virtual reality or on standard screens, you see the world directly through the eyes of one Alex Pieterson, Commander of the salvage ship Thaddeus.
Salvaged is a unique sci-fi strategy game with an emphasis on its weaving narrative and customisable gameplay. Cast as Alex Pieterson, and given one of the toughest jobs in the known universe, players must lead their crew of hardened agents through alien-infested wrecks in search of valuable salvage and – as the story unfolds – something much more dangerous.

As of today, Salvaged is now available on Steam Early Access and playable with both Oculus Rift and standard monitor gaming. Despite this early access release the game already features a full story-focused campaign mode that offers between 8 and 15 hours of gameplay (depending on player skill), as well as a raft of agent customisation options and innumerable strategies.
The early access period is designed to allow us to include additional features such as a post-campaign ‘endless’ mode and full HTC Vive support. This is on top of gameplay tweaks and general performance enhancements.
Designed for both virtual reality and standard play, Salvaged takes place from the command room of the Thaddeus with players literally viewing events through the eyes of Alex Pieteson. Salvage contracts (and the ensuing battles) are viewed through the headcam of each agent, with a Hollywood-inspired command center allowing the player to see all of the action at once.