Integrity Games Releases 2D Platformer “Bible Venture” for iOS, Android, & Amazon Fire

Independent game developer Integrity Games is proud to announce the worldwide release of “Bible Venture: The Beginning” for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire platforms.

The first Bible-themed 2D Platformer game has hit the App Stores. Children of ALL ages can go on a grand adventure through the heavens and the earth to defend all creation from God’s enemies! Play as both an angel and humans, each with their own unique abilities, to navigate diverse worlds with fierce adversaries from the devil and his fallen angels to rock-throwing giants.

Gameplay trailer:

Parents today are finding it increasingly difficult to give their children a clean, fun, and exciting game without all the blood, gore, and heavy violence. There are so many great stories in the Bible and this game brings the characters to life.

– Platform style game with 3 Worlds, 60 Levels, and a boss to beat at the end of each World.
– Play as famous Bible heroes, including: Michael the Archangel, Adam, and Noah.
– Explore 3 different worlds each composed of 20 levels focused around a key story from the Bible and increasing in difficulty as the game progresses.
– Utilize a variety of moves with each hero to fight against various enemies including fallen angels, forbidden fruits, giants, and three challenging bosses.
– Exercise your hand-eye coordination in learning how to use each hero’s weapon: from Michael’s offensive lightning swords to Noah’s defensive shield.
– Search for key items including scrolls and animals, and collect them all in each level.
– Become a part of the epic Bible narrative, which in this game emphasizes the beginning of the story, recorded in Genesis 1-6.

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