“Scrap Squad” Released on Amazon Appstore for Android and Kindle Fire

Relevant Games and Hazard Studios today launched “Scrap Squad” on the Amazon Appstore. Previously only available for iOS (Universal) and Google Play, Scrap Squad is now available for Amazon devices and users of the Amazon Android appstore. The game challenges players to match relentless waves of falling trash to the appropriate recycling robot in fast and frenzied (and often hilarious) action gameplay. Scrap Squad’s humorous art will keep you grinning from ear-to-ear while you collect the day away. Spend your well-earned in-game cash on upgrades for your comical collection of ‘bots, and who knows, you may even pick up a few tips about what’s recyclable in the real-world!

Scrap Squad is available for free on the Amazon Appstore, iTunes and Google Play

Scrap Squad puts players in the role of a mad scientist in a frantically fun-on-the-run action game. Players start out with a secret lab, a few clunker robots and a simple mission to sort falling objects, which those robots haul away and turn into cash to finance your nefarious plans. The trash treadmill soon speeds up, challenging the player to upgrade his army of ‘bots to become faster and more efficient. As players earn more and more money, they can unlock tons of upgrades and plug-ins to turbo-charge their robots, and their evil plans!

For more information about Scrap Squad and Relevant Games please visit the official website (http://scrapsquadgame.com) and follow Relevant Games on twitter – @RelevantGames

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