Molfar Studios has just launched the tantalizing ‘Meow Quest ‘, a free game for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPad), Android smartphones and tablets, and Amazon Kindle devices. With casual mobile games proving ever more popular with children and adults alike, ‘Meow Quest’ promises to be one of the most popular games released this September.

The game challenges players’ skills of paying attention to details and to spot the differences. To help players progress through the levels there are several boosts and power-ups available. For example, on the level player can activate ‘time freeze’ to temporary stop a timer, can activate ‘magnifying glass’ to highlight differences and can activate ‘pencil’ to spot one difference. Mystery objects pop up in unexpected places, adding an extra challenge to the ‘spot the difference’ format.

The game’s inventors, Molfar Studios came up with the idea when two of its designers were travelling on a train through Transylvania, a fact they paid homage to by setting the first of many ‘Meow Quest’ adventures in Dracula’s castle.
Sergi Kolesnik, creator of ‘Meow Quest’ explains, “It was on this train were we’ve noticed two kids playing a game of finding the differences between two pictures printed in a magazine. They helped each other to spot the objects that another couldn’t find. We thought we could make our first game based on this mechanic by adding a few challenges like timer and penalties for incorrect taps and interactive actions like time extension and assists in finding the differences. Here we are three months later we’ve developed a free cross-platform game that’s being launched on App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store.”

They have created many adventures for players to work their way through, with dozens of unique levels in each adventure. Each adventure has its own theme, with the themes including Dracula and Transylvania, Halloween, Christmas and New Year, Ancient pyramids, Big Foot and the Solar System. Players can also make in-app purchases in order to make the game easier, although it is not essential to make any purchases to progress.

The ‘Meow Quest’ App is free for users of Apple and Android products to purchase from a range of app stores, including the Amazon app store. It has been designed using vector graphics, so that the visuals will not lose fidelity on higher resolution screens, meaning it can be used on IOS and Android devices of any size.

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