PulsePlay Entertainment announced today that Horse Life Adventures©, developed by Leviathan Games, is now available for free on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

In Horse Life Adventures, players begin the game with a small homestead and a little bit of land, the ultimate goal is to earn a dream ranch spanning with wide open grass lands, horse stables, and expansive orchards. To earn this expansive farm, players must train and bond with their horses if they want them to become blue ribbon winners. Training the horses to compete will cost players food and money, both of which players must cultivate from their own small farms.
The gameplay in Horse Life Adventures requires a good mix of planning, decision making and horse care. The game allows the player, based on their choices to progress through all the game has to offer while always finding something new. The game is also streamlined so that players can get right to the fun . Horse Life Adventures is a unique spin on two popular game genres creating a new casual gaming experience.

· Millions of Horses – Bond with and train from millions of horses. From French Saddle Horses to English Thoroughbreds there is a kindred spirit waiting for you, each with their own unique traits and talents.
· Ranch Owner & Horse Lover – Start with a humble homestead, a horse, and desire to grow. Soon you’ll be on your way, building the ranch of your dreams, caring for every one of your stable mates, and training them to become 1st place, trophy winning steeds for the world to see.
· Challenge – Running your own ranch involves hard work and competitive challenges to overcome. Train your horses & compete in a range of competitions including: Jumping, Racing, Driving and more.
· Champion Stables – Build your dream ranch with over 60 buildings, more than 100 pieces of horse tack, 50+ decorations and over 70 quests to complete.
· Breeding – Breed your favorite horses and create your one perfect kindred spirit.
· Share with Friends – Share your awards & accomplishments with your friends on Facebook.


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