Become Hero Of The Day In ‘Ding Dang Fire Fighters’ Now Available On iOS® & AndroidTM

Mobile games developer ‘Maysalward’ is proud to announce the release of ‘Ding Dang Fire Fighters’ on the iOS® and Google Play™ app stores! Available as a FREE download featuring in-app upgrades, this highly addicting action-game challenges you to become hero of the day by rescuing people and pets from the blazing fires of a building at the verge of total destruction!

Vaguely inspired by the classic and highly original Nintendo® Game & Watch™ game ‘Fire’ from days gone by, ‘Ding Dang Fire Fighters’ on iOS® & Android™ offers adrenaline packed gameplay as you rush to rescue the innocent victims as they escape through the windows to avoid the blazing fires! Avoid the falling obstacles and debris and rescue as many jumpers as you can! On your ultimate quest to become Fire Station Chief you will eventually climb the ranks, but only if you successfully perform in the field. Challenge your friends and collect medals along the way, and the more experience you gain, the larger and more dangerous fires you will be challenged to overcome!

Are you ready to become Hero Of The Day?

‘Ding Dang Fire Fighters’ is available on the iTunes™ app store

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